Underwater pyramids discovered off the coast of Cuba may be Atlantis.


Underwater pyramids discovered off the coast of Cuba may be Atlantis.

Data from Deep-sea exploration is essential to everybody. Opening the riddles of remote ocean environments can uncover new hotspots for clinical medications, food, energy assets, and different items.

Data from profound sea investigation can help foresee quakes and tidal waves and assist us with seeing how we are influencing and being influenced by changes in Earth’s current circumstances.

Sea investigation can improve sea proficiency and rouse youngsters to look for professions in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Over 10 years prior, tabloids and research institutes explored information on an exciting submerged disclosure.

In 2001 PAULINA ZELITSKY, a marine designer with her significant other PAUL WEINZWEIG discovered proof o fantastic man-made structures profound into the Atlantic sea.

Under organization called advanced digital communications, which was working in close relationship with Cuban govt.

On an overview mission, it was one of the 4 firms examining the ocean wells looking for treasure-loaded boats from the Spanish colonial era.

The investigation was led alongside the Guanahacabibes Peninsula in the Pinar del Río Province of Cuba.

For closer assessment, the group sent a submerged visual robot that recorded pictures of the structures in better lucidity and resolution.

Advanced sonar equipment was being utilized by the wayfarers into the Cuban waters when they saw huge rocks and green structures on the ocean bottom.

On moving toward the sea depths, they discovered peculiar shakes and landmarks and on close assessments of sonar pictures, the structures showed up practically equivalent to against the desolate-desert of the seafloor and appeared to show evenly coordinated stones suggestive of the metropolitan turn of events.

The objects were symmetrical and geometrical stone formed dissimilar to what we would hope to discover intently taking after remaining parts of metropolitan progress. The pursuit covered a region of 2 square KM with a profundity of between 2000-2460 feet.

The finding additionally pulled in the attention of the government, national museum, and national geographic, who all made vows to research the strange sonar pictures.

The data from sonar images suggested that few of the structures were somewhat pyramidal and a couple was roundabout. The enormous smooth stones resembled granite.

The size of pyramids revealed the proportion of around 80 feet by 10 feet in stature(height) and width. A few rocks were stacked with one another while others were most certainly not.  

It was a shock for the analysts that the stones looking like a metropolitan complex could be sunk so profoundly into the ocean. How could enormous structures move to the ocean bed was a riddle.

Having a tough time clarifying the cause and explanation for such monstrous underground structures, scientists added that it may have taken 50,000’s years for such structures to have submerged by natural means.

The ADC didn’t reach any conclusion perceiving how the pictures might have been confused/misinterpreted. They were hesitant to presume that they were remains of a sunken city with no further examination, fragments of the site were shipped off marine geologists who contemplated the pieces and inferred that the detailed result was extremely unordinary.

After an itemized examination was done, it was discovered that such eminent stonework might have taken 15,000 years or more to sink to such depth. It was past the ability of societies of that chance to set up such complex structures.

A media whirlwind soon resulted with news locales donning headlines, for example, ‘Atlantis Discovered in Cuba’ and ‘Lost the City of the Caribbean Found’, with detailed similitudes between late dint revelations and lost urban cities of Atlantis.

There were other people who were not all that ready to acknowledge this perspective.

In any case, the ADC group destroyed any such theories, and said revelations can’t be compared to actual antiquated structures. They additionally added that there’s sufficient chance that the rock formations are only the consequence of the marvels of Mother Nature, being able to create some truly unimaginable structures.

If we accept that really these stone structures don’t reflect an old submerged city and however are results of nature, at that point most likely geologists and different researchers would rush to hop on the finding and explore what outlandish happening of nature caused such strange structural formations.

By and by, ten years on, there have been no ensuing investigations and media sources and the story has disappeared into anonymity.

Questions emerge in respect of such death silence on this revelation.

“What had happened to the presumed ‘sunken city of Cuba’? What happened that the government reneged on further investigation of the discovery of the submerged landmarks?”

The speedy excusal of the story has driven some to address whether there has been concealment of data concerning the finding.


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