Ritual Tools Used to Honor Goddess Hathor Found in Ancient Egyptian Temple Mound


Ritual Tools Used to Honor Goddess Hathor Found in Ancient Egyptian Temple Mound

Egyptian archaeological mission uncovered a group  of religious ritual tools at Temple of Pharaohs in Kafr El-Sheikh.

An incense burner with the head of god Horus found in the mound.

The newly uncovered tools were used in performing the religious rituals for goddess Hathor.

Head of the Ancient Egyptian Antiquities Sector, Ayman Ashmawy declared that the archeologists also discovered a wonderful group of ivory depicted scenes of women carrying offerings, scenes of the daily life, including plants, birds and animals, a large limestone lintel with hieroglyphic texts, along with a part of a royal painting of a king performing religious rituals.

Hieroglyphic inscriptions bearing the five titles of King Psamtik I, and the names of the two kings “Waha Ip-Ra” and “Ahmose II” of the 26th dynasty kings were also uncovered.

The temple mound site where ritual treasures were unearthed.

The Egyptian mission discovered a part of a limestone pillar in the form of goddess Hathor, and a collection of incense burners made of faience, one of them decorated with the head of god Horus,

Among the discovered items clay vessels that belong to goddess Hathor, a number of statues depicting deities Tawart and Djehuty, a small maternity chair, a large offering holder, a pure gold Udjat eye, and the remains of golden scales used in the gilding of some other pieces.

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Hossam Ghoneim, director general of Kafr El-Sheikh antiquities and head of the mission, said that a large limestone well for sacred water and a mud brick Ptoleimaic bath consists of a bathtub, a water basin and a place for heating water were also discovered.

This discoverery comes as part of an archaeological excavations plan carried out by Egypt’s Supreme Council of Antiquities at different sites.

Head of Hathor found in the mound. 


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